Jerzy Grotowski’s search for the essential wholeness: a path to the original non-dual truth based on the teachings of Ramana Maharshi

Escrit per Anna Caixach el 15/12/2021
Jerzy Grotowski, 1998 & Ramana Maharshi, 1948.

Grotowski explained in some occasions that he had two lines of research, one public and the other one personal and private. The public line was his professional trajectory, that is the periods known as theatrical and paratheatrical, Theatre of Productions until 1969 and Paratheatre until 1978. The other line of research, his personal and essential research, started when he was ten years old with the discovery of a very special man and accompanied him for his entire life. He kept his personal search private during many years. He kept it secret surely because it was so sacred.

But for someone who is really in love with truth and wants to live this truth in all aspects of his life, he cannot keep what is most precious only in the privacy of his heart, and at the beginning of the seventies he started to share carefully his intimate and private essential research with a very small nucleus of collaborators. Around 1977 not being able to keep hiding his real work, the personal line became his oficial and public research, with an international project under the name of Theatre of Sources that later would be called Art as Vehicle. As Ariadne’s golden thread, Grotowski’s essential line of research was the return journey to our true and essential nature, our Source, our original condition, the original joyous wholeness. This essential research was his real search, his path, to which he devoted his love and his life. 

Grotowski’s essential research has been completely overlooked because its field is not theatre but spirituality, or verticality as he sometimes called it to avoid misunderstandings around the term «spirituality». But for some people very close to Grotowski he was considered a spiritual teacher devoted and always faithful to the hindu sage Ramana Maharshi.

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